Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Be Brave Little Penguin

Submitted by Ms. Shannon!
Be Brave, Little Penguin by Giles Andreae and illustrated by Guy Parker-Rees. Little Pip-Pip is the smallest penguin in his family and he is very scared to go swimming in the big Antarctic ocean. He sees all of the other penguins having tons of fun playing in the water and it looks like so much fun! Unfortunately, Pip-Pip is too afraid of the cold and the monsters to try. The other penguins call him names like “Scaredy-Pip-Pip” which makes him feel very lonely. When his mommy sees how scared he is, she reminds him that everyone has fears and that he can be brave and enjoy the swimming just like everyone else. Created by the author of Giraffes Can’t Dance, this charming and brightly illustrated story told in rhyme will encourages children to conquer their fears. See this book listed in our catalog

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