Monday, February 5, 2018

Strong as a Bear

Submitted by Mr. Eric!
Strong as a Bear written and illustrated by Katrin Stangl, is the perfect book for any new reader. Featuring only one short sentence per page, and vibrant illustrations that draw the eye, it is a great book for a new reader still sounding out many of the words they see.  Each page features simple phrases like “quiet as a mouse” and “shy as a deer,” that can be easily sounded out with the help of an adult. More a collection of similes than possessing a coherent story, it is nonetheless a great tool for getting kiddos familiar with words that they might use all the time. Recommended for: new readers and fans of animals. Pro-tip: Reading through this book with your little one would be the perfect time to introduce the concept of a simile, a phrase where something is being compared to another with the word “like” or “as.” See this book listed in our catalog

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