Monday, February 12, 2018


Submitted by Ms. Sue!
In Horses by Seymour Simon we learn about their evolution and the more than 300 hundred breeds. This non-fiction book aimed at elementary ages 6-12 provides us with facts about horses from tens of thousands or years ago throughout history. During the Ice Age people made cave drawings of horses. Five thousand years ago people tamed and herded them on the plains of Europe and Asia. During the Babylonian, Greek, and Roman civilizations, people trained horses to draw war chariots. Medieval knights carried their armor upon horses into battle. The cowboys and Native Americans of the western plains rode them and are part of American history. Mr. Simon provides the basic facts, physical traits, interactions among themselves, and the various breeds from the past to the present. The clear and simple text and stunning photographs in this book help us learn that horses have been an essential part of human lives. We can learn all about their strength, speed, foals, and breeds. Horses need food, water, shelter, grooming, and exercise, just like people. In return they give us companionship and trust. They continue to capture our imaginations and it appears that they will be with us in one way or another throughout time. See this book listed in our catalog

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