Friday, February 9, 2018

Hooray for Today and Hooray for Books

Submitted by Ms. Jill!
Hooray for Today by Brian Won. Hooray! It’s going to be a good, good day! Owl is wide awake, has loaded up her wagon with her favorite things, and is ready to play! She just needs a friend to play with her. Small problem: Owl’s “day” is the middle of the night, and she can’t seem to tempt anyone out of bed for a playdate. She offers her silly hat, her trumpet, balloons, and a stack of books to her friends, but only gets the same answer: “Not now, I’m sleepy!” Poor lonely Owl… it’s turning out to be a bad, bad day. The sun is rising as she straggles back to her nest to sleep, all alone. But wait! Will a surprise ending turn her bad, bad day around? Read along to find out.
Hooray for Books by Brian Won. Turtle is looking for his favorite book. This wouldn’t be so hard, except that Turtle and all his friends LOVE to read and LOVE to share their books with each other - Hooray for books! But all that reading and sharing means there are stacks of books everywhere, and Turtle’s favorite could be in any of them. Everyone tries to help by offering Turtle some of their own favorites to read - would he like a book about unicorns from Zebra? A story about eagles from Owl? How about Giraffe’s roller-skating book, or Elephant’s how-to-juggle guide? But no, sometimes only your own favorite book will do. Will poor Turtle ever get to read his very favorite story again? Follow along in this joyful celebration of reading and sharing to find out.
Don’t miss Hooray for Hat either! See all three books listed in our catalog
(Full disclosure: Brian Won is a very nice person who sent me lovely stickers after I tweeted about Hooray for Hat being an awesome storytime book, which makes me like all of his books even more.)

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