Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Pup and Bear

Submitted by Ms. Sue!
Pup and Bear by Kate Banks, illustrated by Naoko Stoop. The Arctic is a big place. The Arctic wolves know that the Big Freeze is on its way. They shelter in a snowdrift. When the bitter-cold turns warm and the Big Melt begins, one lone little wolf pup finds himself afloat on a sheet of ice. He slides into the water and swims and swims until he finally reaches land. He pulls himself onto a snowbank and falls asleep. When he wakes he is face to face with Polar bear. “Will you eat me?” he asks. “Not this bear.” She takes him to her den where she licks him, cleans him, feeds, and keeps him warm. “I am not your mother but I can keep you safe.” Another Big Freeze comes and goes. The bear nudges the wolf who is not a pup anymore. The wolf nuzzles back. Then the wolf sets out into the big wide world. The wolf finds other wolves. Soon he is leading his own pack when he comes across a polar bear cub huddled in a snowdrift. “Where is your mother?” But the cub didn’t know. The wolf sniffs the cub and rubs its fur with a wet nose. “I am not your mother,” said the wolf, “but I can cuddle you and keep you warm.” See this book listed in our catalog

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