Monday, October 2, 2017

School's First Day of School

Submitted by Ms. Josie!
Looking for a book to read on the first day of school? Look no further! School’s First Day of School by Adam Rex is perfect for helping young readers understand those “first-day jitters”and the new experiences that come with starting school for the first time. All summer long, School and Janitor spend many afternoons together and become very good friends. But tomorrow is the first day of school and School is… nervous! What if something goes wrong? What if the children don’t like him? What if School isn’t ready to be a school? Janitor kindly reminds School that everything will be fine. And so, School’s first day of school begins. Many children begin arrive... many more than School thought! The children seem to be everywhere - running, playing, laughing. But a few students are not quite so happy to start school. They are bored, disgruntled, and generally displeased with School. This makes School sad because really, he is trying his best. Then, to make matters worse, School’s fire alarm accidentally goes off... how embarrassing! School’s first day is not going well at all. As the day goes on however, the mood lightens. The children begin to make friends, tell jokes, and sit nicely while listening to their teachers. School even learns and thing or two! The initial nervousness of the day seems to dissipate and School starts warming up to the children. With wise insight from Janitor, School begins to see just how lucky he is to be a school. In fact, he can’t wait for his second day of school. Heartfelt and imaginative, this book promotes empathy as it reminds readers that sometimes, everyone feels nervous and that is completely okay. See this book listed in our catalog

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