Thursday, October 26, 2017

On a Beam of Light

Submitted by Ms. Tess!
On a Beam of Light by Jennifer Berne, with illustrations by Vladimir Radunsky, is a biography of Albert Einstein for children. Einstein lead a remarkable life. As a child he was intrigued by mysteries and asked so many questions his teachers told him he was a distraction to the rest of the class, and he'd never amount to anything! But he continued to learn and read and imagine. Some of his greatest contributions to the world were the discovery of atoms - tiny stuff that everything is made of - and the realization that we are all constantly moving through space and time - even when we are standing still. He was always thinking, and doing things to make himself happy so that he could think better, like eating ice cream, playing his violin, and not wearing socks. Einstein hated socks. I think it's important to encourage young people to think, and to question, and to investigate the world. Because of Einstein's dreams, and thoughts, and questions, we've accomplished amazing things, like traveling to space. What will your child's questions lead us to one day understand about the universe? See this book listed in our catalog

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