Friday, October 20, 2017

If You Plant a Seed

Submitted by Ms. Karen!
If You Plant a Seed written and illustrated by Kadir Nelson. I love books about growing things so it is no wonder I love this book, with its simple presentation of how seeds provide us with food. However it is just as much about growing people, and communities, through even the smallest “seeds” of kindness. Mouse and Rabbit dream of a garden and plant a few seeds. When the plants are grown, the birds arrive, super-interested in eating some of their yummy veggies. Rabbit and Mouse refuse, and an argument quickly ensues, which devolves into an all-out fight, destroying the little garden in the process. Sadness, despair, and resentment all abound, until little Mouse decides to offer the last unbroken tomato to... their enemies, the birds! You’ll love how this one small act of kindness, recognized and returned, changes everything and gives Rabbit and Mouse a garden beyond their wildest dreams with lots of new friends thrown into the bargain. There are very few words here; the ground-eye view paintings of the animals and birds carry most of the story. The close-ups of plants and animals are astonishing! We can see the wonder on an animal’s face as it gazes at a new seedling, and feel the anger and tension that erupt into violence when the creatures “plant seeds of selfishness” and refuse to share. By turns sweetly funny, sad, and heartwarming, If You Plant a Seed gently encourages readers of all ages to use their power for kindness and compassion with its non-preachy, beautifully told story. This author also wrote Baby Bear and We Are the Ship. See this book listed in our catalog

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