Thursday, August 3, 2017

The Story of Sea Glass

Submitted by special guest blogger Ms. Andrea!
The Story of Sea Glass written by Anne Wescott Dodd and illustrated by Marth Beth Owens is a beautiful book that teaches about life's lessons and how even the curious accidents can turn around in unexpected ways. The story starts with a young girl and her nana on a crowded beach. The young girl is searching for shells among the many beach-goers. The girl's nana is reminded of the quiet, remote island she grew up on. The two take a trip to find treasure and are successful in finding many pieces of sea glass, including one unique piece of red. This jogs the nana's memory and a story unfolds of a mistake she made as a young child: accidentally dropping her mother's red glass vase on the floor. Could it be the red piece of sea glass was once a part of that beloved vase? The reader may never know, but the lessons of life are easy to see. The illustrations are lovely and feel quite beachy in their almost water paint style. This is the perfect family read after a day at the beach. See this book listed in our catalog

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