Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Danny McGee Drinks the Sea

Submitted by special guest blogger Ms. Andrea!
Danny McGee Drinks the Sea is a comical tale written by Andy Stanton and illustrated by Neal Layton. The story follows Danny and his older sister Frannie on a trip to the sea. The book takes a fun twist when the two siblings start squabbling, as siblings often do, with Frannie betting Danny he cannot do certain tasks like drink the sea. Danny is victorious and so he is encouraged to do bigger and better things like swallowing a tree, a bird, a bee, a cat, London, and chim chim cher-ee! Frannie is astounded, but manages the final laugh. What happens? Read and see! The story is nonsensical, but highly entertaining. The rhyming words encourage the story to be read faster and louder as Danny swallows more things. See this book listed in our catalog

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