Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Rulers of the Playground

Submitted by Mr. Eric!
What’s better than playing at the playground?  Being the undisputed ruler of the playground, of course. In Rulers of the Playground, written and illustrated by Joseph Kuefler, a young boy named Jonah crowns himself king of the playground by climbing to the top of the highest slide and proclaiming, “Promise to obey me and I’ll let you play in my kingdom!” And since his kingdom had some pretty sweet slides, everyone pinky promises to obey him completely. There is a golden period of peace in Jonah’s kingdom until… a girl named Lennox decides to claim half his kingdom (the half with the best swings) for herself. Some of Jonah’s followers decide to cross their hearts and live under Lennox’s rule. As you can imagine things escalate from there with neither one of the young rulers happy with their circumstances. At its core this is a story about how heavy one’s head gets when it wears a crown, and that playing with others is more fun than bossing them around. See this book listed in our catalog

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