Thursday, March 16, 2017

Ten Tiny Babies

Submitted by Mr. Eric!
Have you ever heard the old saying “the tiniest baby screams the loudest?” Well, Ten Tiny Babies, written and illustrated by Karen Katz, will have you and your little one screaming for joy as you read through this fun counting book together. What is more adorable than one tiny baby? Ten adorable tiny babies! Slowly, one by one, babies join together to wiggle their toes, jump around, and play silly games, until we have a total of ten cute babies. After all that activity they quickly tucker out and take a much deserved nap. This book is an excellent example of a counting book that will teach your child the basics of counting through the use of adorable illustrations of goofy babies. (Pro Tip: As you read the book to your child, pause on each page to count each of the babies, encouraging them to count with you!) See this book listed in our catalog

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