Thursday, March 23, 2017

Real Cowboys

Submitted by Mr. Eric!
When you see a cowboy in the movies they are usually hootin' and a hollerin', causing a ruckus, and generally shooting at people outside of old timey saloons. In Real Cowboys, by Kate Hoefler and illustrated by Jonathan Bean, we get to learn how cowboys really were. Cowboys worked hard every day to help drive massive herds of cattle towards the next town. They couldn’t be very loud because that would frighten the cattle and maybe cause a stampede. They couldn’t cause a ruckus because then one of the calves might run off and get lost. And they certainly didn’t shoot at anyone. They worked outside all day, in the blazing sun and in the freezing rain, and often had to make their way through prickly cacti and sharp bushes. Being a cowboy was also very lonely. Cowboys usually didn’t work with many other people, and because of that their dogs were often their best friends. Real Cowboys is a beautifully illustrated book that perfectly captures how tough and lonely it was to be a real life cowboy. See this book listed in our catalog

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