Thursday, March 30, 2017

Penguin Day

Submitted by Ms. Sue!
Penguin Day: A Family Story by Nic Bishop is a nonfiction story of a typical day in the life of a Rockhopper penguins that live near the sea. Their family is in many ways similar to ours. Rockhopper penguin parents take care of their babies. The baby penguin is hungry and momma penguin goes out to get food. The daddy stays behind to keep an eye on the little one. Momma must go hunting so she and other penguins will travel a long way over hills, climbing down cliffs, and hopping across sand to get to the sea. The sea is a dangerous place filled with predators like orcas and sea lions. The penguins are nervous but there is safety in numbers and they all jump in at once. They are hunting for fish and krill to eat among the waves and underwater. When full, they make their way back home. If the baby penguin wanders away, the skua (a wild bird) can swoop down to get him. Fortunately the daddy is close by and scares the skua away. He leads the baby back to the colony and safety. When the momma penguins arrives back home there is a lot of excitement as everyone recognizes each other and the baby penguins get fed. See this book listed in our catalog

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