Friday, February 24, 2017

Take Heart My Child

Submitted by Ms. Sue!
Take Heart, My Child: A Mother’s Dream by Ainsley Earhardt with Kathryn Cristaldi, illustrated by Jaime Kim. This lyrical lullaby is an endearing story meant to inspire new generations of children to follow their hopes and passions so that their dreams can come true. “Before you were borne, before you came to be, I dreamed a love song on a butterfly sea,” begins the journey of this song in words. Float along on waters and fly like butterflies. See polka dot trees, where you will never get tired and will dare to be different. Don’t be afraid of winter when leaves fall and fade and follow your heart. If you stumble, trust yourself and take a leap. These are the dreamed-of wishes for a new life written from life lessons learned and inspired by the life of a new baby. The beautiful illustrations are created with acrylics and are inspired by the illustrator’s childhood with the sun, moon, sky, and stars as her favorites. They always appear in her artwork. See this book listed in our catalog

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