Tuesday, February 28, 2017

That Is NOT a Good Idea!

Submitted by Mr. Eric!
That Is NOT a Good Idea by Mo Willems is a story about a young, naive, duck who finds herself wandering through the city at dark. As anyone knows, the city can be a scary and potentially dangerous place at night. But lucky for her a very friendly, extremely well-dressed, fox approaches her to help her get safely out of the city. Oh, what a nice guy to help such a clueless individual in her time of need! To show up right at the perfect time can only be a coincidence and not by his own malicious design! Surely he doesn’t have any ulterior motives! I’m sure you think you know where this story is going… but you may be wrong… This is a fun story about how not everything may be as it seems at first glance. (Pro tip: if you can find a scarf and a hat acting out the parts of the fox and the duck can make this book a fun activity for you and your child!) See this book listed in our catalog

Monday, February 27, 2017

The Happy Hippopotami

Submitted by Ms. Karen!
Who loves a sunny day at the beach? Hippos do! The Happy Hippopotami by the ever-popular Bill Martin, Jr., is one of my favorite stories, about a multi- generational bus trip to the beach. From happy hippopotapooses toddling across the sand, to happy hipppopatapoppas with dimes in hand for boardwalk treats, these beach-loving hippos find all kinds of fun at the shore. Hippos are everywhere, sunning, dancing, making music, competing in events, riding the carnival rides and seeing the shows, till the sun goes down and the tired hippos board the bus for home. The rhymes are creative and delightful and the hippos are beautiful in soft bright watercolor. It's a ton of fun at the beach! See this book listed in our catalog

Saturday, February 25, 2017

Bunny Slopes

Submitted by Ms. Sam!
Bunny Slopes written and illustrated by Claudia Rueda is an interactive book all about a bunny hitting the slopes. This very innovative book is sure to please the crowds looking for a little twisting and turning. When we meet Bunny, he is ready to ski. Well, there isn’t any snow, but with a little shake the reader creates snow! Tilt the book to help Bunny down the slopes and turn the book to help bunny avoid the cliff! Each turn of the page allows the reader to help bunny in his skiing endeavors. See this book listed in our catalog

Friday, February 24, 2017

Take Heart My Child

Submitted by Ms. Sue!
Take Heart, My Child: A Mother’s Dream by Ainsley Earhardt with Kathryn Cristaldi, illustrated by Jaime Kim. This lyrical lullaby is an endearing story meant to inspire new generations of children to follow their hopes and passions so that their dreams can come true. “Before you were borne, before you came to be, I dreamed a love song on a butterfly sea,” begins the journey of this song in words. Float along on waters and fly like butterflies. See polka dot trees, where you will never get tired and will dare to be different. Don’t be afraid of winter when leaves fall and fade and follow your heart. If you stumble, trust yourself and take a leap. These are the dreamed-of wishes for a new life written from life lessons learned and inspired by the life of a new baby. The beautiful illustrations are created with acrylics and are inspired by the illustrator’s childhood with the sun, moon, sky, and stars as her favorites. They always appear in her artwork. See this book listed in our catalog

Friday, February 10, 2017

The Magic Word

Submitted by special guest blogger Ms. Andrea!
The Magic Word by Mac Barnett is an adorable story about a little boy who learns the power of the magic word, a very specific and unique magic word. He uses the magic word to his advantage and gets all the things he believes he wants. Then he learns that having everything he desires is not all it is cracked up to be. He reverses his wishes and learns the magic of another word, “sorry.” This book remains comical while simultaneously teaching children valuable lessons about manners. The illustrations are engaging and fun. It is a great book for family story time! See this book listed in our catalog

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

The Blobfish Book

Submitted by Ms. Carol!
The Blobfish Book by Jessica Olien is full of lots of interesting animals and fun facts. Blobfish, however gets really bored and tries to make every page all about him. Finally we get to the blobfish. Blobfish is so excited until he hears the fun fact. He doesn't like being called the world's ugliest animal! He gets so upset. In the end his friends draw him a picture and cheer him up. There is a little bit of science and humor on each page. You can laugh and learn something at the same time! See this book listed in our catalog

Monday, February 6, 2017

Bear and Bunny

Submitted by Ms. Karen!
Bear and Bunny by Daniel Pinkwater, illustrated by Will Hillenbrand. This sweetly illustrated story is about two friends, Bear and Bunny, who like walks, long talks, naps, and adventures in the woods. They obviously are besties, so much so, in fact, that “the bear is sure the bunny is a very small bear, and the bunny is sure the bear is a very large bunny.” But of course these kinds of things matter very little to true friends. One day the friends decide that what they need is a pet and they set off in search of the perfect one. Much wandering and careful discussion ensues - “Can a pinecone be a pet?” - until Bunny and Bear find just what they are looking for! See this book listed in our catalog

Friday, February 3, 2017

Bertie Wings It!

Submitted by special guest blogger Ms. Melissa!
Bertie Wings It by Leslie Gorin, illustrated by Brendan Kearney, is a clever tale about a bird, named Bertie, who is ready to leave his nest and fly for the first time. Before he does so, these modern times insist you have the "proper" stuff and follow the advice of "experts." Bertie needs "this" to do "that" and "that" to do "this." It weighs him down and gets in the way. Soon he realizes that the "experts," who can't even fly, are not always right. Sometimes, you just gotta trust your gut and jump off the branch and fly! This is a great book for those youngsters who get lost in the preparations and lose sight of what's important.  See this book listed in our catalog

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Little Red Writing

Submitted by special guest blogger Ms. Andrea!
Little Red Writing written by Joan Holub puts a comical spin on the classic tale of Little Red Riding Hood. This story follows the adventures of Little Red as she writes a story in school. Her presence is requested at Principal Granny’s house, but it isn’t Granny who is waiting for her. It is the Wolf 3000 pencil sharpener who wants nothing more than to sharpen Little Red to smithereens. Little Red escapes just in time to present her story in class. This book is a great tool for teaching kids about the different parts of a story. It has great descriptive language, and fun, engaging illustrations. Children will enjoy the story as it is written, and adults will enjoy the twist on an old favorite. See this book listed in our catalog
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