Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Young Charlotte, Filmmaker

Submitted by Ms. Karen!
Young Charlotte, Filmmaker by Museum of Modern Art, New York. “Color gives me a headache,” says young Charlotte, filmmaker. She wishes other people could see what she sees, that black and white are the best colors, but the colorful people just don’t seem to get her. She takes her camera everywhere, filming black and white things, especially her cat Smudge, and making her movies in black-and-white. She loves outings with her parents to the Golden Theater (black-and-white movie night!) and most of all to the Museum of Modern Art where one day she makes a new friend, Scarlet. She gives Charlotte just the encouragement she needs, and helps Charlotte share her talent, and her black-and-white perspective, with the world. A great story about the journey of a young artist. Oh, and by they way, this book is actually written by the Publications Department of the Museum of Modern Art! How cool is that?!? See this book listed in our catalog

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