Friday, December 9, 2016

Otters Love to Play

Submitted by Ms. Sam!
Otters Love to Play by Jonathan London, illustrated by Meilo So, takes you through the life cycle of the playful otter. A book that is filled to the brim with knowledge and facts is also filled with beautiful illustrations and fun text. Otters make use of left behind beaver lodges to make homes for themselves. There, otter pups are born and begin their journey through life. Otters are just like kids and love to play tag and wrestle. Once otter pups have their furry coats, swim lessons begin. Swimming is essential for otters and that’s why they start quite young. Soon the pups become underwater acrobats! As the otter pups progress, so do the seasons. This book not only illustrates otters beautifully but also the changing of seasons. As winter approaches, otter pups have fun in the snow just like you! Otters don’t hibernate and get to enjoy all four seasons. An otter’s day is full of play and so should yours! See this book listed in our catalog

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