Friday, October 28, 2016

Everyone Loves Bacon

Submitted by Ms. Tess!
Bacon. What can we say? Everyone loves it. Except maybe vegetarians. The book Everyone Loves Bacon by Kelly DiPucchio with illustrations by Eric Wight goes behind the scenes with Bacon, giving us insight into the life and times of our favorite food. Egg loves Bacon. Pancake loves Bacon. French Toast does not love Bacon (but he doesn't count because French Toast doesn't like anyone!) And Bacon loves being popular! He gets attention wherever he goes. The other breakfast meats feel left out. But Bacon doesn't care! Soon Bacon's face is on t-shirts and hats! He's a big time celebrity! He forgets all about his friends, like Lettuce and Tomato. Bacon even starts driving a fancy car, and growing a fancy mustache. Has Bacon finally gotten too big for his britches? Find out what happens in this charming cautionary tale. See this book listed in our catalog

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