Tuesday, June 14, 2016

The Airport Book

Submitted by Mr. Eric!
The airport is an interesting place. People are coming and going from all over the world, often dressed or looking much different from what we’re used to. While they may look strange to us, we probably look strange to them. There are so many cool things to see, from the planes constantly taking off and landing, to the strange, mysterious pieces of luggage people push as they hurry to their flight. People hug, some cry as they say their goodbyes, and you can’t help to watch, soaking in this tiny snapshot of their life. Although while at the airport you spend most of your time either in line or waiting to be in line, if you enjoy people watching you will never truly be bored. The Airport Book, written and illustrated by Lisa Brown, is a book written for fans of people watching. Although the plot follows a single family as they travel to visit relatives, the observant reader will spot a multitude of stories hidden in plain sight behind the main characters. Who is the man with the huge cowboy hat going to visit? What is inside the small man’s strangely shaped package that is marked “fragile?” Did the husband truly remember his airline tickets, even after being repeatedly reminded by his wife? Just as watching people at the airport affords us only a tiny glimpse into the lives of others, the book provides us with many, many hidden stories that are as interesting as they are brief, and is sure to be interesting for readers of every age, especially those who are about to go on a trip! See this book listed in our catalog

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