Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Loula and the Sister Recipe

This summer we'll feature some blogs written by the library's summer interns. Here's one from last summer's intern, Ms. Elisa!
Loula is tired of being the only girl among her brothers, she wants a sister! Loula and the Sister Recipe by Anne Villeneuve tells the story of Loula’s journey to make herself one! Her parents inform her that there are certain “ingredients” necessary to make a sister: a papa, a mama, butterflies, a full moon, a candlelit supper, kisses, hugs, and chocolate! Loula sets off to gather her ingredients with Gilbert, the family chauffeur. They buy chocolate at best chocolatier in town, catch butterflies, and make cheese tartines for dinner! She gives kisses and hugs to her cat, because she’ll never hug her brothers! The moon is full and they’re missing just two ingredients, a mama and a papa! By the time she gets them, however, a hungry dog comes and eats all the cheese tartines! Loula is ecstatic, her sister is here! Her sister it seems, is actually a Mister but Loula is not deterred. She takes care of her new pet and loves him as her sister. A cute story for children, and a laugh for adults, Loula supplies a healthy dose of determination and sass in this adorable tale of finding friendship. See this book listed in our catalog

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