Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Imagine a World

Submitted by Mr. Eric!
At first glance children are walking a low tightrope down a cobblestone walkway, but upon closer inspection they seem to be balancing precariously a hundred feet above a Venetian city.  Two swimmers are diving below the surface of the sea, but when the reader looks again the blurry surface of the water becomes a swirl of clouds and it appears as if those two swimmers may actually be flying through the air. Imagine a World, written and illustrated by Rob Gonsalves, is a book that forces the reader to consider the impossible with incredible drawings that play with perspective in a variety of interesting ways. The way Gonslaves uses drawing techniques that exploit our conceptions of perspective and space to “trick” the eye into thinking that one of two things may be happening simultaneously is nothing short of amazing. A row of buildings before a solitary guitar player becomes a crowd of cheering fans, changing what was a somewhat solemn scene into something exciting. But if you “shift” the way to look at the drawing it quickly changes back to a simple scene of a lonely guitarist. This book will challenge the way the reader views each picture in a way that would possibly make M.C. Escher jealous. See this book listed in our catalog

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