Monday, June 27, 2016

Here Comes the Tooth Fairy Cat

This summer we'll feature some blogs written by the library's summer interns. Here's one from last summer's intern, Ms. Elisa!
Here Comes the Tooth Fairy Cat by Deborah Underwood is the story of a tricky cat who wants to meet the Tooth Fairy. He plants the tooth of a comb under his pillow but is sorely disappointed when the Tooth Fairy is not fooled. The Tooth Fairy, however, has left Cat a job: If he can help her with her duties, she will gladly meet him! There’s a catch though: Cat has to dress up as the Tooth Fairy and be partners with Mouse. Cat and Mouse are not pleased to be working together, but soon they are grateful for their differences. Mouse can climb in Gopher’s hole to get his tooth, and Cat can climb up the tree to give Squirrel his coin! They discover the importance of teamwork when the last tooth belongs to a bear. Mouse bravely takes up the task but (oh no!) his dress is stuck under the bear! Cat heroically tickles the bear and frees Mouse! The deliveries are done and it’s time to take off their costumes but Mouse has a surprise… He’s actually the Tooth Fairy! Cats aren’t the only ones who can play tricks! This silly story of looking past differences and helping one another is sure to make any child or adult laugh, but the lesson of the story remains: don’t try to trick a fairy! See this book listed in our catalog

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