Friday, June 17, 2016

Flying Frogs and Walking Fish

Submitted by Ms. Sue!
Flying Frogs and Walking Fish by Steve Jenkins and Robin Page. Animals move in different and interesting ways. There are some interesting and different types of animals too. Some marine animals like the frogfish uses jet propulsion, which is forcing water from his gills to surge forward. A vampire squid forces water through a tube on his body to glide backwards, while a pacific sea nettle pulses through the sea by contracting and pushing water from its bell. Other animals use different kinds of ways to maneuver. Some jump, pound, or spring into motion like the springbok who bounds straight up. Or the ring-tailed lemur who vaults from tree to tree. The agama, a leaping lizard, can leap several times its own body length. Many different kinds of animals can walk, leap, climb, and swim. Or they can glide, fly, and propel. They come equipped with legs, fins, wings, or even tentacles, and more which help them get to different places in surprising ways. See this book listed in our catalog

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