Thursday, December 17, 2015

The Baby Tree

Submitted by Ms. Karen!
The Baby Tree by Sophie Blackall. Bring out your baby myths! A new baby is coming to his family and this soon-to-be big brother has a hundred questions. Most important of all is “Where are we going to get the baby?” Perplexed yet persistent, this curious youngster asks everyone he encounters throughout his busy day, but only ends up more confused. Baby Trees? Hospitals? STORKS?? Finally, at the end of the day as he is tucked in for bed, he asks Mom and Dad, who gently help him understand where babies really come from. It's just the right amount of information for a little one, with extra age-appropriate information in the back of the book to help parents give their young children the answers they need. The pictures are full of sweet details and I especially loved the chubby swaddled babies sprinkled throughout! If you’ve got a new baby in your family or if your littles are asking Those Questions, you’ll like this story. See this book listed in our catalog

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