Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Little Santa

Submitted by Ms. Sue!
Little Santa written and illustrated by Jon Agee is a story of how Santa came to be. Little Santa and his family of nine, if you include his parents and all his sisters and brothers, live in the North Pole. Life is hard there with plenty of chores to be done like chopping wood, ice fishing, stoking fires, and quilt mending. Everyone is miserable except little Santa. He loves everything about life at the North Pole. One winter the family decides to move to Florida. Santa is not happy about that. The next morning the house is buried under a huge snow drift during a snow storm. They are stuck in their house! The only way out is for Santa to shimmy up the chimney and go for help. Along the way Santa makes friends with a flying reindeer who helps him find a large house full of elves. The elves help his family and life is not so hard after that. Santa’s family still moved to Florida... But Santa stayed behind! See this book listed in our catalog

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