Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Knuffle Bunny Free

Submitted by Ms. Cassie!
Knuffle Bunny Free by Mo Willems. In this third installment of the Knuffle Bunny series by the outrageously wonderful Mo Willems we once again tag along with Trixie and her parents (and Knuffle Bunny, of course!) on an epic adventure. In this tale we read of love, loss, and growing up. The story is adorably funny, heartwarming, and you’ll learn a little Dutch, too. To begin: Trixie and family set off for Holland, a country farrrrrrr away, where Oma and Opa live. Alas, after leaving the airport Trixie realizes that she has left Knuffle Bunny on the plane, gasp! Although Trixie pines for her dear friend, she soon realizes that she is growing old enough to be apart from good ol’ Knuffle Bunny. It is this thought that prompts Trixie to commit a selfless and kind act that will have you and your growing little one grinning. Share this wonderful book with your child, especially if they may soon be ready to move on from their special stuffed friends and cozy blankies. See this book listed in our catalog

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