Wednesday, December 16, 2015

If You Love Honey: Nature's Connections

Submitted by Ms. Sue!
If You Love Honey: Nature's Connections by Martha Sullivan and illustrated by Cathy Morrison. Bees are known for collecting pollen and spreading it so flowers will grow. But did you know that dandelions hold nectar for bees and butterflies? Ladybugs eat bugs that hurt the plants and Goldenrod gives ladybugs a home too. Butterflies spread pollen so flowers will grow and Clover is a favorite place for butterflies to lay their eggs and give caterpillars a home. After eating a lot of clover they form a chrysalis which then becomes a butterfly. The clover depends on healthy soil which has nutrients and living things that your eye can’t see but your nose can smell lets you know it’s there. Earthworms, mushrooms, oak trees, blue jays, and blackberries all play an important part to form honey from nectar. Enjoy the most beautiful illustrations in this adventure connecting honey and nectar using animation and graphic designs digitally. “EXPLORE MORE” continues the story with even more information for kids, teachers, and parents following the story. See this book listed in our catalog

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