Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Where's Walrus? And Penguin?

Submitted by Ms. Carol!
Where's Walrus? And Penguin? by Stephen Savage is a wordless book with fun illustrations and a cute story. Walrus and Penguin leave the zoo one rainy day for a day out on the town. The zookeeper looks everywhere for them. Help your child look for Walrus and Penguin throughout the book and see if your child can pick them out. Walrus and Penguin try to disguise themselves to avoid getting caught by the zookeeper. Their disguises are pretty obvious and very comical. They hide from the zookeeper throughout the whole book until the end when Walrus gets injured playing baseball and has to go to the hospital where he meets the Walrus nurse and they all end up back at the zoo for the Walrus wedding in this very cute, entertaining book. See this book listed in our catalog

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