Friday, August 28, 2015

Waking Dragons

Submitted by Ms. Cassie!
From Jane Yolen, author of the How Do Dinosaurs… series, Waking Dragons is the fanciful tale of dragons’ morning routines. From brushing their teeth to eating yummy waffles, these dragons are getting ready to head out the door. They must put their jammies in the hamper and put on their outdoor clothes so they can take their young charge off to Knight School. The richly colored paintings of Derek Anderson and the lively, rhyming story bring to life these mundane tasks as well as these mythical creatures, making this a fun and engaging book, perfect for a little one learning how to wake-up in the morning for school. See this book listed in our catalog

The Land of Lines

Submitted by Mr. Eric!
The Land of Lines by Victor Hussenot. In the land of lines, anything is possible… There are red and blue lines everywhere, crisscrossing each other to form a forest of scruffy trees and pointy rocks. They twist around to form canyons and mountains, waterfalls and swamps, and even weird shapes that seem to sprout from someone’s imagination. Amidst this chaotic forest of blue and red lines are two individuals, seemingly lost. One is a boy drawn in blue, the other a girl in red. Once they find each other, they embark on an adventure that is both dangerous and exciting. This wordless picture book has such a unique art style that it’s almost difficult for the reader to take their eyes away. It consists entirely of three colors: blue, red, and another mysterious color that emerges about halfway through the story. The Land of Lines paints a world where anything is possible, and readers young and old alike are sure to find it charming. See this book listed in our catalog

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Elsie Times Eight

Submitted by Ms. Sue!
Elsie Times Eight by Natalie Babbitt. Elsie’s fairy godmother loved her very much. She came by frequently to see how she was doing. One day Elsie's mama was telling the fairy godmother that Elsie didn’t always do some of the things she did before. Her fairy godmother thought she heard her say “Elsie should be four,” instead of “before.” Well that started it. Godmother thought to herself “Dear me! Still, I guess I could do it.” She waved her wand and turned Elsie into four! Four Elsies that is. And each time someone in Elsie’s family said “NO Wait!” Godmother would hear a number: Eight, and she waived her wand again turning her into eight Elsies! This caused all kinds of trouble. There was only one bed, and too much noise, nervous goats, and annoyed neighbors. Finally the Mayor complained, and they had to move away. No town wanted them to stay. The Elsies were too noisy. Finally the fairy godmother saw them while sitting in a tree and asked, "Why are you moving?" Her family explained, and the fairy godmother promised to change Elsie back to one. As soon as she figured out which Elsie was the first Elsie... See this book listed in our catalog

Monday, August 24, 2015

Wink the Ninja Who Wanted to Nap

Submitted by Ms. Jill!
Wink, the Ninja Who Wanted to Nap by J.C. Phillips. When last we saw Wink (in Wink the Ninja Who Wanted to Be Noticed), he had finally found the place where he belonged: Not sneaking through shadows like most ninja, but front and center at the Lucky Dragon Circus. As the “Nimble Ninja,” Wink gets to wear bright colors, travel all over Japan, and show off for his adoring fans every day. But all those adoring fans can get to be too much, even for a ninja who loves to be noticed. After so long on the road, Wink is tired. Wink needs a break. He travels home to his village, visits old friends at Ninja School, and at the wise suggestion of Grandmother tries to take a restful nap. But every time Wink settles down to sleep, more fans want to talk, snap photos, and see him do tricks. Poor sleepy ninja! Even his best stealthy ninja skills can’t keep him from getting noticed long enough to catch some Z’s. It will take an idea from Master Zutsu and the help of all the Ninja at Summer Moon School to get Wink the rest he so dearly needs. If you love ninja, or have ever just really really needed a nap, this book is for you. See this book listed in our catalog

Friday, August 21, 2015

Itty Bitty Kitty

Submitted by Ms. Sue!
Itty Bitty Kitty by Joan Holub, illustrated by James Burks. “Mom? Dad? Can I get a cat?” asked Ava. Ava wants a cat really, really bad. And even though she promises to take really good care of it…Her mom and dad said no. Ava is mad and disappointed. She stomps down the steps and goes outside. Suddenly she hears a noise. It's an itty bitty sound. She looks around and finds a box with a little kitten inside and a sign that reads “Free Kitten.” She runs home to see if she can keep it. But her mom and dad are still in a “NO” kind of mood. She decides to hide the kitty for a while and names her Itty Bitty. He is her secret. He is a good kitty too. Good at dress up, and pouncing, and pajama parties. There is only one problem. Itty Bitty is growing up to be a very large kitty! One morning he dashes off through the house and gets discovered. Her mom and dad says he has to go. Until Itty Bitty does something amazing! See this book listed in our catalog

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

The Mouse Who Ate the Moon

Submitted by Ms. Tammy!
The Mouse Who Ate the Moon by Petr Horacek. Little Mouse was admiring the beautiful full moon one night. As she went to sleep little Mouse wished for her very own piece of the moon. When Mouse peeked out her window the next morning she found her wish had come true and a bright yellow piece of the moon was on the ground. Mouse thought the moon smelled so delicious, she decided to take a small nibble. Before long, half the moon was gone! Mouse was so upset until her friends Rabbit and Mole took her to the top of the hill to watch the moon rise. The moon was big and full. Mouse was so happy to find she hadn’t eaten the moon. See this book listed in our catalog

Thursday, August 6, 2015

Where Does Kitty Go in the Rain?

Submitted by Ms. Carol!
Where Does Kitty Go in the Rain by Harriet Ziefert is a book all about rain. It's a story about a little girl whose kitty has gone missing outside in the rain. As the little girl goes out in the rain to look for her kitty she learns all about rain. What is rain? Do cats like rain? Do ducks like rain? Do butterflies like rain? Read this book to find out! As the rain clears, and the sun returns, she finds her kitty. The book also has questions you can ask your child at the end of the book, and activities to do with your child. This book is fun and informative for young readers. See this book listed in our catalog

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Sea Rex

Submitted by Ms. Sam!
Sea Rex by Molly Idle is the tale of another adventurous day with Cordelia and her prehistoric friend, Rex. As Cordelia and Rex are visiting the beach, they come across many fun things to do. There are loads of new crustacean friends, water fun, sun bathing, and even more dinosaur friends to find, that happens all in one day at the beach! Dinosaurs have tons of fun if salty water and sandy toes are involved. Follow along as Rex makes huge waves, gets a little sun burnt, and relaxes at the beach. Rex and Cordelia are always busy, and this is just another stop on their adventure train! See this book listed in our catalog
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