Thursday, July 16, 2015

The World in a Second

Submitted by Mr. Eric!
“Every time a second crosses the world… millions of things happen, here, there, everywhere…”  This is how The World in a Second by Isabel Minhos Martins perfectly sets up the premise of the book. Right now, at this exact second, I’m at the library typing this book blog, my wife is at Food Lion buying groceries, and my grandmother is in Mississippi walking her dogs. At this exact second, a student may be learning to fly an airplane over the California coast, a fiddler in Croatia may be earning money by playing for a group of tourists, and a family may be watching a lion roar as they enjoy an African safari. The World in a Second takes one second and follows it around the globe, stopping in different time zones along the way, to show what may be happening all around the world within that single second. What results is an interesting book that within each page gives you a little snapshot of what’s happening in that part of the world at that time. Some things are very important, like a volcano rumbling with the warnings of eruption, while others are less so, like a man deciding to sit down for a little break during his walk to work. The World in a Second shows us how within one single second millions of things are happening around the world, at that same exact time, and although we may not always realize it, we’re just one tiny piece of a much, much larger world. See this book listed in our catalog

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