Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Everybody Sleeps (But Not Fred)

Submitted by Ms. Cassie!
Everybody Sleeps (But Not Fred) by Josh Schneider is the story of Fred, a very busy little boy whose to-do list is just too long to allow him to sleep. As we enjoy Schneider’s humorous story and playful illustrations we journey through the jungles, farms, and oceans as Fred checks one activity after another off his very long list, and although we learn that all the birds and beasts must sleep, Fred remains determined to continue his chopping, jumping, hunting, and shouting. The chickens doze drowsily along the way, and even the monkeys we encounter just can’t believe Fred is still wide awake. But wait! Is that Fred closing his eyes? Shhh! Fred is finally asleep. If bedtime is your little one’s least favorite time of the day, try this absurd sleepy story and have them drifting off right alongside Fred, but just be careful to close the book softly so as not to wake Fred! See this book listed in our catalog

Thursday, July 16, 2015

The World in a Second

Submitted by Mr. Eric!
“Every time a second crosses the world… millions of things happen, here, there, everywhere…”  This is how The World in a Second by Isabel Minhos Martins perfectly sets up the premise of the book. Right now, at this exact second, I’m at the library typing this book blog, my wife is at Food Lion buying groceries, and my grandmother is in Mississippi walking her dogs. At this exact second, a student may be learning to fly an airplane over the California coast, a fiddler in Croatia may be earning money by playing for a group of tourists, and a family may be watching a lion roar as they enjoy an African safari. The World in a Second takes one second and follows it around the globe, stopping in different time zones along the way, to show what may be happening all around the world within that single second. What results is an interesting book that within each page gives you a little snapshot of what’s happening in that part of the world at that time. Some things are very important, like a volcano rumbling with the warnings of eruption, while others are less so, like a man deciding to sit down for a little break during his walk to work. The World in a Second shows us how within one single second millions of things are happening around the world, at that same exact time, and although we may not always realize it, we’re just one tiny piece of a much, much larger world. See this book listed in our catalog

Tuesday, July 14, 2015


Submitted by Ms. Brenda!
Mild-mannered garbage truck by day, SUPERTRUCK by night! Stephen Savage’s Supertruck takes us through a city full of brave trucks. The bucket truck takes care of sparking power lines, the tow truck saves broken vehicles, and the fire truck helps put out blazing fires! The garbage truck just coasts along, quietly collecting the trash. When a huge blizzard hits the city, the mild-mannered garbage truck sneaks into the garage and becomes SUPERTRUCK! Supertruck goes all over the city plowing the streets and making them safe. Because of his crafty disguise (an added plow and the removal of his eyeglasses), no one knows just who this superhero is. With bold, illustrations and text, youngsters are sure to enjoy this super book! See this book listed in our catalog

Thursday, July 9, 2015

Duncan the Story Dragon

Submitted by Ms. Sam!
Duncan the Story Dragon by Amanda Driscoll is all about a friendly little dragon who loves to read! Except he has one huge problem: he can’t finish a story. His imagination soars while he reads, and it also springs to life with flames, as do the stories. Duncan just wants to finish a story. He asks all kinds of friends like Raccoon, Possum, and even a bull but can’t find anyone to help him. He only wants to hear the sweet sound of the last two words of the story, “The End,” like the last sip of his favorite chocolate milkshake. Duncan finds a pal who loves stories just as much as he does and together their imaginations soar (without any burnt books) and together they read until “The End.” See this book listed in our catalog

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Churchill's Tale of Tails

Submitted by Ms. Carol!
Churchill's Tale of Tails by Anca Sandu is a story about a very proud pig named Churchill. Churchill was very proud of his tail. His tail made him feel great. One morning Churchill woke up and his tail was missing. He searched everywhere but could not find his tail. His good friends, Billy and Gruff, had a good idea: they thought maybe Zebra could help Churchill. Zebra just happened to have a spare tail, and so Churchill gave it a try. It just didn't feel quite right, so he thought maybe he should try other tails. He tried many tails. He tried a peacock tail, a fish tail, an alligator tail. Trying so many different tails made him feel good. He was so busy with his new tails he didn't have time for his old friends. Then Churchill met a tiny bird who had something on his head. The bird said he didn't know what it was, just that he found it in a bush, and he had grown quite fond of it. Churchill realized that what the bird had on his head was his very own special tail. The bird very graciously returned it to Churchill, and he felt like his old self again. He was very grateful to the little bird. Churchill had made a new friend, and this reminded him of his old friends. He threw all his friends a party, and told them how sorry he was for not being a good friend, and they all forgave him. See this book listed in our catalog

Thursday, July 2, 2015


Submitted by Mr. Eric!
Everyone has a home. Whether it’s a cottage in a grassy knoll, an apartment in a big city, or a giant seashell at the bottom of the ocean, everyone has a special place they call home. In Home, written and illustrated by Carson Ellis, the idea that a home can be different things to different people is explored through the use of beautiful illustrations. You'll see where raccoons live, French people live, and even where Kenyan blacksmiths live. Many different types of homes are shown, from bee hives to moon bases, and each one proves to be a special place to someone different. Whether the reader happens to be an insect, a moonian, or anything in between, Home is a lovely celebration of that special place we all hold in our hearts. See this book listed in our catalog
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