Friday, June 26, 2015

Beautiful Birds

Submitted by Mr. Eric!
What makes Beautiful Birds, by Jean Roussen, illustrated by Emmanuelle Walker, such a special book is its vibrant illustrations. I know that as a librarian I’m probably supposed to judge books by quality of the story, but to be perfectly honest, with this book it’s all about the pictures. The actual text of the book is special too: it is an alphabet book that cleverly uses names of different species of birds for each letter. But it really is the illustrations that make this book something to behold. The style is a mix of art deco and water colors. Every page of the book looks like an old timey post card that you could receive from a relative that is visiting a far off land. It really is gorgeous! Each bird, from albatross to zosteropidae, is beautifully rendered in vibrant colors, so much so that at times it is almost hard to look away. This is certainly one book where is okay to judge a book by its cover! See this book listed in our catalog

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