Thursday, May 21, 2015

The Baby Swap

Submitted by Ms. Sue!
The Baby Swap by Jan Ormerod, pictures by Andrew Joyner. Mama crocodile thinks her new baby croc is just gorgeous.  “He is as green as grub and his eyes are as yellow as egg yolks.” His big sister Caroline does not agree. She is jealous. “He’s smelly,” she says. Caroline watches as Mama Crocodile enjoys all the cute croc things her new little brother does around the house. But she only sees the yucky stuff. “He is no fun and he dribbles,” she thinks. Caroline is very, very jealous! One day while Mama is out shopping with Caroline and her brother, Caroline is asked to watch her baby brother while Mama returns something. Caroline sees a Baby Shop nearby. She decides to swap her brother for a different kind of animal baby that would be better than her brother. Each baby she tries out turns out to be “no good.” She returns them and tries again. Find out what Caroline does with each baby and why she returns them. Will she get her baby brother back? And what will Mama Croc find when she gets back from her errand? See this book listed in our catalog

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