Thursday, April 30, 2015

Room for Bear

Submitted by Ms. Tess!
Room for Bear by Ciara Gavin is the heart melting tale of a special friendship between one big bear, and a group of little ducks. "One spring, Bear came to visit and never left." And this suited everyone just fine. Bear loved his duck family, and the ducks loved the big bear. However, bears don't fit comfortably in duck houses, and things got kind of uncomfortable. They tried to find a home they could share together, but it was difficult. Ducks don't care for roomy caves, and bears don't care for tiny house boats. Bear starts to worry: maybe he doesn't belong with the duck family after all. Bear, fearing he's become a "nuisance," decides to leave. But the ducks know: "Nothing feels right without Bear." And Bear misses the ducks and all the things they used to do together. Finally, Bear and the ducks find a home they can share, because they are indeed meant to be together. This is an adorable story that shows us that true family are the ones who love you most, and they don't have to look like you. See this book listed in our catalog

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