Monday, March 2, 2015

One Winter's Day

Submitted by Ms. Carol!
One Winter's Day by M. Christina Butler is a story about a little hedgehog. Hedgehog gets caught in a blustery storm that blows his cozy house away so he decides to go stay with his friend Badger until the storm passes. Hedgehog has a nice warm hat, scarf, and mittens for his journey. On his way he bumps into a family of mice. Their home has also been blown away by the storm and they are so cold. Hedgehog gives the family of mice his cozy hat so they can be warm. Hedgehog is so generous, as he continues on his journey and ends up giving other animals his mittens and his scarf. When he finally reaches Badger's house he is frozen! Badger lets him in and warms him up. After the storm passes, Badger and Hedgehog head out to build Hedgehog a new home.... when they discover that all the animals that Hedgehog was so nice to have already build him a nice, cozy, new home, for being such a thoughtful, kind Hedgehog. See this book listed in our catalog

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