Wednesday, March 4, 2015


Submitted by Mr. Eric!
Marveltown by Bruce McCall is one of those books that can feel nostalgic for some readers while seeming like a completely new experience for others. Marveltown is an amazing place: seemingly inspired by comics like Buck Rogers and Flash Gordon, it looks as if it came straight out of old comic strips from the 1930's. In Marveltown children sky-ski on their way to school, have fun rocket-jumping by moonlight, and use the city’s floating freeway to visit the mechanical-animal zoo on their weekends. It is a city of geniuses, where all of the citizens work together to come up with fantastic inventions to make life better for the entire city. But what happens when the inventions of the grown-ups fail, causing an army of rogue robots to attack the city? The children of Marveltown will have to step up to the plate and invent something to save the day! (Pro tip: try reading the book to your child using your best “old timey radio voice!”) See this book listed in our catalog

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