Thursday, February 26, 2015

The Fox in the Library

Submitted by Ms. Carol!
The Fox in the Library by Lorenz Pauli is a story about a fox and a little mouse. Fox follows Mouse into the library. Fox wants to have Mouse for dinner but Mouse explains that the library isn't a forest and you can only borrow things here. Mouse tries to distract Fox by giving him books to read that will give him new ideas. This works because now Fox is thinking about chickens instead of mice. Mouse explains all about the library to Fox: how to borrow books, how to remember to keep them nice and clean, and how to check them out. Fox leaves and returns a few days later with Chicken. Chicken doesn't look too happy. He is trying to convince Fox that chicken bones are bad for foxes. Then a fox-hunting-chicken-eating farmer comes into the library and Chicken and Fox work together to come up with a plan that will be good for them both. Fox agrees to dig Chicken out of his coop if Chicken will teach him to read and that's just what they did. See this book listed in our catalog

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