Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Lion Lion

Submitted by Ms. Carol!
Lion Lion by Miriam Busch is a story about a boy and a lion. The boy is searching for Lion, and Lion is looking for lunch. The boy gives Lion several suggestions for lunch. He suggests grass, but Lion says it's too snappy because it is full of snapping turtles. He suggests mushrooms, but Lion says no they are too prickly because they are full of porcupines. What about berries? No, too stinky because of the skunks that are also enjoying the delicious berries. Lion really just wants boy for lunch. The boy suggests flowers. Lion says no, because birds are on the flowers and feathers make him sneeze. This gives the boy a great idea: while Lion has his mouth wide open the little boy and a bird jump in. He finds his kitten, named Lion, inside. He tickles Lion's throat with the birds feathers until Lion sneezes. The boy, bird, and kitten all fly out. The boy takes his little home along with all the other animals he has made friends with along the way, turtles, skunks, porcupines, and mice and feeds them all. Everything is fine until, uh oh, Lion the kitten is missing again. Could he have been eaten by crocodile? See this book listed in our catalog

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