Thursday, December 11, 2014


Submitted by Mr. Eric!
“BALL?!”  This is the only word that you will find in the aptly named book, Ball by Mary Sullivan.  It follows a dog as he spends his day wandering around his house desperately looking for someone to play catch with him. He loves playing catch so much that he sleeps with his small rubber ball in his mouth. When he awakes, he immediately wakes up his owner, a little girl that he was snuggled up with, and thinks “ball?” She then jumps out of bed, grabs the ball, holds it high over her head and yells “BALL!” just before hurling the ball down the hallway. He is ecstatic as he chases the ball down and brings it back to her, but she is already getting ready for school. No time to play fetch. No time for ball. The book follows this poor dog as he spends his day waiting for the little girl to come back from school, never letting his rubber ball stray too far from his mind or mouth. This story is an adorable reminder for just how one-minded our dogs can seem at times and why we love them for it. See this book listed in our catalog

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