Friday, November 28, 2014

Winter Is Coming

Submitted by Ms. Sue!
Winter Is Coming by Tony Johnson, illustrated by Jim LaMarche. A girl with her sketch book walks through the woods throughout the seasons of fall to winter. She quietly observes many of the forest animals as they begin to prepare for winter. In September, fall is on its way, but winter is coming and you can feel it. She is quiet, quiet as a red fox comes near. He sniffs a red apple. Wrinkled or not it is food. From her perch on an old wooden plank placed high in a tree, the girl can see many of the animals as they forage for food. Skunks waddle by. They smell not really bad but real. It is October and she sees woodpeckers hammering their holes and plugging them with acorns. Animals do not waste. November is here and chipmunks are chattering and busy eating seeds from pinecones. Deer come near nibbling, looking for food. Winter is coming. Canadian geese honk overhead and a flock of turkeys jostle by. She is quiet, quiet and then the snow is dusting her. It is late November and winter is here. See this book listed in our catalog

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