Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Bruno and Titch: The Tale of a Boy and His Guinea Pig

Submitted by Ms. Carol!
Bruno and Titch: The Tale of a Boy and His Guinea Pig by Sheena Dempsey is a story about a guinea pig named Titch who so desperately wants his very own big person. Titch is the only guinea pig left in the pet shop and he is so lonely. All he wants is a big person to come in and take him home. Then one day Bruno comes in and takes Titch home. Titch is so happy and so is Bruno. Titch does think his new home is a little strange though and it's going to take some time to get used to. Titch thinks Bruno eats some strange foods, he gets up very early, and he likes to play a lot. Titch goes along but some of the things Bruno plays aren't very fun for Titch. They can be a little scary for a guinea pig. Even though Titch and Bruno are very different they become the best of friends. One day Bruno starts acting a little strange: he doesn't take Titch out of his bed in the morning like he usually does, and he goes off by himself and leaves Titch. Titch is worried that Bruno is getting bored with him and he is afraid he is going to send him back to the pet shop.Then Bruno comes to get Titch and he shows him a big surprise. Bruno has been very busy building Titch a very special guinea pig palace complete with all of Titch's favorite things. He has a Jacuzzi, a fruit-salad bar, a private bathroom, and a comfy bed. What a wonderful friend! See this book listed in our catalog

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