Friday, September 19, 2014

Scooter in the Outside

Submitted by Mr. Eric!
Scooter in the Outside by Anne Bowen, illustrated by Abby Carter, is a story about a brave dog that learns an important lesson about going off on his own, and how the outside can be a scary place without a friend by his side. Every day, Lucy takes her dog, Scooter, outside for a walk around the block. Scooter gets so excited that his tail wags with a great THWAPPA-THWAPPA-THUMP! They pass all kinds of interesting smells, see other friendly dogs, and hear weird noises. They always walk to the end of the street and back, and Lucy is always there to keep Scooter safe. But what would happen if Scooter went outside by himself? What if he decided to walk past the end of the street? What if Scooter sees a giant red something that flies by with a loud WEEEEE-OOOOO-WEEEEE-OOOOO and he gets scared? This is exactly what happens when Lucy accidentally leaves the door open and Scooter decides to do some solo exploring. What results is a heartwarming story about a dog, his owner, and how the unfamiliar becomes less scary when a friend is by your side. See this book listed in our catalog

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