Friday, September 12, 2014

Adventures with Barefoot Critters

Submitted by Ms. Sue!
In Adventures with Barefoot Critters by Teagan White animal critters are on an adventure to explore the alphabet throughout the seasons of the year. There are foxes in the A, attic in January trying on old clothes. Squirrel and Dear are building a B, bridge with branches over a frozen river. In February they C, catch colds and can’t go out to play. D, E and F have critters helping, dancing, keeping Robin’s eggs warm, and feeding ducks in the rain 'til spring. Throughout the year they are H, helpers, G, gardeners, and I, inventors with imagination. They make messes with mud in July and take long naps in the summer breeze. As fall approaches they use quilts to build a fort, and rake leaves as they fall. By winter’s cold, the critters build cozy campfires under the stars. They visit friends from afar, then in December go ice-skating, stay up 'til the New Year, and then fall asleep. See this book listed in our catalog

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