Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Goatilocks and the Three Bears

Submitted by Ms. Carol!
Goatilocks and the Three Bears by Erica S. Perl is a story about a goat named Goatilocks. Goatilocks waited until the family of bears that lived down the street went out for the day and then she peeked into the bears' house. She found three bowls of porridge. She tasted them all but decided the little bowl tasted the best so she ate it all, even the spoon. Then she found three chairs and after trying them all she decided that the little chair was the best so she ate it all (even the cushions). Then Goatilocks was tired. She went upstairs and tested out all the beds and decided the little bed felt the best so she ate it , the blanket and pillows and pajamas too, then she fell asleep. The bears came home and they knew someone had been in their house.  Baby Bear's porridge, chair, and bed were all gone. When they found Goatilocks she woke up and ran home. The next day Goatilocks felt really bad about what she did so she decided to pay her bear neighbors a visit. She picked them a bouquet of flowers and delivered them to the three bears' door. The bears forgave her and they all sat down together and ate the bouquet of flowers. See this book listed in our catalog

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