Monday, July 28, 2014

Underpants Dance

Submitted by Ms. Brenda!
In Underpants Dance by Marlena Zapf, Lily McBloom has just gotten a new pair of fancy pink underpants. She is so excited about them that she celebrates wherever she goes with an underpants dance. She twirls, leaps, cartwheels, and curtsies to show off her pretty pink frills. While friends and even some strangers laugh, Lily’s sister is humiliated by her underpants dancing, and her parents and teachers think she’s gotten a little too old to keep showing off her underpants. Lily tries very hard to make excuses to continue, but learns that their neighbor Mrs. Lacey isn’t really showing off her own underpants, she’s drying her laundry on the line. And ballet dancers aren’t actually wearing their underpants in public, they’re wearing tutus and tights. One morning, Lily finds a pair of pants on her bed. Her sister explains that the pants are for her to wear over her underpants. Lily isn’t sure about this. No one will be able to see her frilly underpants. She won’t be able to do the underpants dance. No one will laugh at a plain old pants dance. After giving it some thought, she gets dressed. She leaps and twirls and dances her way outside just in time to show her sister and her sister’s friends her new dance. With a “TA-DA!” she has them all giggling at her “Overpants” dance. The illustrator, Lynne Avril, twirls us through the story with vivid pictures of a most precocious little girl in the fanciest underpants ever! See this book listed in our catalog


  1. Thank you for your wonderful review!
    -Marlena Zapf (author)

    1. Thank YOU for your wonderful book!
      -Ms. Tess (blogger)


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