Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Birdie's Big Girl Hair

Submitted by Ms. Sue!
Birdies Big Girl Hair by Sujean Rim. Birdie woke up and started her day with stretches before she brushed her teeth and hair. Her hair was extra tangley with fuzz balls where it should be silky and smooth. Birdie smelled breakfast. Strawberry pancakes were her favorite. But, when Mommy saw her hair, she suggested a trip to the salon. Birdie looked at all kinds of hairstyles. She wanted to find just the right picture to bring with her. She imagined herself in classy chignons, feathery flips, and blunt bobs with bangs. Finally Birdie found a picture of Mommy from her old yearbook and decided that was the style for her. Birdie got the full treatment at the salon. She felt shiny and so full of bounce! Birdie couldn’t wait to show her friends at the park. Birdie's hair didn’t look so good after playing at the park... But Mommy said, “It looks like YOU!" See this book listed in our catalog

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