Thursday, July 31, 2014

Big Bug

Submitted by Ms. Jill!
Is a bug big? Or little? What about a leaf, a flower, a dog, a cow? It’s all a matter of perspective, and Big Bug is a beautifully simple introduction to perspective, scale, and comparison for young readers. Henry Cole’s gorgeous illustrations and spare text begin with a close-up look at a ladybug, which looks enormous, then zoom out to show how small the insect is compared to the big leaf it sits on. Or is the leaf little? By progressively widening the view, each page reverses the size perception until we see how small the world is beneath the “big, big sky.” Then the view draws nearer again, step by step, to a small and cozy scene of a “big dog,” curled up indoors taking a “little nap.” Very observant readers may find the tiny ladybug hiding in the final illustration. See this book listed in our catalog

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