Thursday, April 24, 2014


Submitted by Ms. Brenda!
! by Amy Krouse Rosennthal & Tom Lichtenheld, takes us on a journey with !, an exclamation mark, as he tries to find a place where he belongs. ! felt out of place among his friends, the periods. He tried and tried to fit in, but he always felt a bit different. Whenever they were together, it was obvious he stood out in the crowd. (. . . . ! . .) One day, just when he was thinking of running away, he met a question mark. ? wasted no time trying to get to know !. “What’s your favorite color?” “When’s your birthday?” “Know any good jokes?” “Am I boring you?” “Is there and echo in here?” “Is there an echo in here?” Finally, ! could not take any more questions and yelled “STOP!” All of a sudden, ! had discovered a world of possibilities. He started small with “Hi!” and worked his way up to “Cool!”, “You’re it!”, and “This is fun!” ! had found a place where he felt comfortable, where he belonged. Set atop the lines of primary ruled paper, this story is not only a fun way to learn punctuation basics, it also opens a door for discussing feelings about fitting in and finding your very own place to be. What a fun book…! See this book listed in our catalog

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