Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Hey, Duck!

Submitted by Ms. Allana!
Hey, Duck! by Carin Bramsen. A little fuzzy duckling is chasing after a furry cat, trying to be his friend. The problem is the little duck thinks that the cat is also a duck! The furry cat is horrified, and indignant that he is NOT a duck, and will absolutely not play “canoe” or ”puddle stomp” or any such “duck” games with the duck. This makes the little duck sad, but also determined to go have his own fun anyway. The cat is asleep up in the branches of a nearby tree when he suddenly wakes up and asks himself if maybe he has “missed the boat.” So he sets out to find the little duck who thinks he is also a duck, and is ready to have fun! This is a sweet story about a new friendship, with wonderful illustrations that capture the essence of the creature characters--their similarities and their differences. This will be a delight for pre-school aged children, and toddlers, enhanced with prose written in rhyme. See this book listed in our catalog

Thursday, April 24, 2014


Submitted by Ms. Brenda!
! by Amy Krouse Rosennthal & Tom Lichtenheld, takes us on a journey with !, an exclamation mark, as he tries to find a place where he belongs. ! felt out of place among his friends, the periods. He tried and tried to fit in, but he always felt a bit different. Whenever they were together, it was obvious he stood out in the crowd. (. . . . ! . .) One day, just when he was thinking of running away, he met a question mark. ? wasted no time trying to get to know !. “What’s your favorite color?” “When’s your birthday?” “Know any good jokes?” “Am I boring you?” “Is there and echo in here?” “Is there an echo in here?” Finally, ! could not take any more questions and yelled “STOP!” All of a sudden, ! had discovered a world of possibilities. He started small with “Hi!” and worked his way up to “Cool!”, “You’re it!”, and “This is fun!” ! had found a place where he felt comfortable, where he belonged. Set atop the lines of primary ruled paper, this story is not only a fun way to learn punctuation basics, it also opens a door for discussing feelings about fitting in and finding your very own place to be. What a fun book…! See this book listed in our catalog

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Clancy and Millie and the Very Fine House

Submitted by Ms. Sue!
Clancy and Millie and the Very Fine House by Libby Gleeson and illustrated by Freya Blackwood. Clancy has moved to a very fine dwelling. Or so Clancy’s father said when they moved in. "It’s too big," whispers Clancy. He remembers his old cubby house, where he used to live, where everything was smaller. His parents think the new house is bigger and better than the old one. Clancy goes outside and discovers a very large pile of boxes--moving boxes that held the new stuff in his new house. He pokes and crawls around them, and even crawls inside one when he hears a voice say, "Can I play too?" Millie introduces herself to Clancy, and they begin to play, creating towers and stories to act out with them. "It’s the best house," says Millie. "It’s a very fine dwelling," said Clancy. Making friends is what makes a new house a home. See this book listed in our catalog

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Police Car on Patrol

Submitted by Ms. Janis!
Police Car on Patrol by Peter Bently. Up and down, here and there, busy wheels are everywhere! Someone is stealing famous paintings of fish, but who is it, and where are they hiding them? Join the cats in a police car chase to catch the sneaky thief! Each story in the Busy Wheels series features a popular vehicle as the central character and a group of animal characters in supporting roles. A detailed spread at the end of the book features the different parts of a police car, helps children understand how they work, and familiarizes the children with new vocabulary, and the noises the police car makes! See this book listed in our catalog

Monday, April 7, 2014

Jacob's New Dress

Submitted by Ms. Tess!
"There are all sorts of ways to be a boy" is the heartwarming message of Jacob's New Dress by Sarah and Ian Hoffman, illustrated by Chris Chase. Jacob loves to play dress up at school with his friend Emily. "I'm the princess." he proudly says, donning a sparkly pink dress, and a crown. Christopher says that boys shouldn't wear girl clothes though. When Jacob gets home from school he tells his mother this. She says "Of course they can," and hugs him, and reminds him on Halloween he dressed as a witch! Jacob loves his witch dress. He likes the way the black lace twirls around him. "I want to wear my dress to school!" he says. "Let me think about that," says his mom. The next day Jacob comes downstairs for school with a bath towel wrapped around his shorts and shirt. "It's not a dress," he assures everyone who asks, "It's a dress-thing." But that's not good enough for Christopher, who yanks it off while they're playing outside. Jacob cries when he comes home. "Can you help me make a real dress?" he asks his mom. "Let's get the sewing machine." she says. Jacob is excited to show it off to his dad. "I can see you worked hard on that dress," Dad says, "It's not what I would wear, but you look great." At school the next day, Christopher has had enough. "Why does Jacob wear dresses?" he asks. Their teacher says "I think Jacob wears what he's comfortable in. Just like you do." Even when kids laugh at Jacob, he doesn't care. His dress surrounds him like "soft, cottony, magic armor!" Many children are what the clinical world call "gender non-conforming." Much like little "tomboys" - girls who like traditional "boy" things - there are many boys who like traditional "girl" things. And that's okay! We don't know what a gender-nonconforming child will be like when they grow up, but we do know they need support from their families, teachers, and other people in their lives! See this book listed in our catalog

Friday, April 4, 2014

Cheers for a Dozen Ears

Submitted by Ms. Janis!
Cheers for a Dozen Ears: A Summer Crop of Counting by Felicia Sanzari Chernesky is a colorful ode to summer and fresh food recommended for young readers just learning to count or for those who enjoy all the yummy treats that summer brings. This picture perfect counting book provides us with a look at summer's freshest produce. The text describes a family visit to the produce stand at the height of summer. We count vegetables and fruits from 1 to 12 before ending with the nice statement that "farmers work hard to feed this land." The illustrations are bright, colorful, unique, and guaranteed to draw the eye of your children with effective textures and patterns. Each item is easy to count and the numbers are displayed prominently on the pages. See this book listed in our catalog

Wednesday, April 2, 2014


Submitted by Ms. Carol!
AH HA! by Jeff Mack is a story told using just two letters. Even though the story has only a few words, it is told beautifully. Frog is happy just relaxing in the pond when someone comes along and tries to catch him in a jar. Oh no! He is caught, but then the lid falls off the jar and Frog is free again. He climbs back on his rock and is safe again, or so he thinks. Then Frog discovers that he is actually sitting on Turtle. Turtle is happy and thinks he has a frog snack. Luckily Frog is able to get away. He is safe again, or so he thinks. He then discovers that he is resting on top of a hungry crocodile. He escapes just in time. He is safe again, or so he thinks. Until he realizes he is clinging to Bird's leg and about to be eaten. He hops away and jumps right into the jar again. He is caught, or so they all think, until the lid pops off the jar and Frog is free again. It's amazing how Mack is able to tell this story, and tell it so well, using just two letters! See this book listed in our catalog
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